Dear Maybe Movie Star Andy Samberg: Feminist Chicks Dig You

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Remember two months back when Andy Samberg wore a "National Organization for Women, Berkeley" shirt to the Spike TV awards? There was a debate over at Feministing as to whether Samberg was being an ironic hipster or a sincere guy. Today, Nerve has posted an interviewwith the Hot Rod star, where he clears up the issue:

'Totally sincere. I thought it would be funny, because obviously Spike TV is very in the opposite direction... but you know, I'm from Berkeley, California, I can't go into that thing wholeheartedly. I had to put a little wink in somewhere to let everyone know back home that I hadn't gone all the way.'


But there's more!

Peter Smith, who interviews Samberg for the piece, mentions how although Hot Rod (which was originally written for Will Ferrell) received mixed reviews from Variety, the trade paper did make mention of Samberg's sex-appeal. Samberg responds:

"I never know how to respond to that. I don't consider myself like that, and certainly don't put myself in that category, and when I look in the mirror I don't see what they're saying. I've got a bit of a haircut, I guess, and maybe that puts me ahead of the pack or something."


Cute! Then when Smith asks Samberg whether his fame has led to more attention from the fairer sex:

I think fame's just something people are attracted to. Generally, that's not the way I want to be viewed. That's as shallow as it gets. I still see myself as a big dork; people just give me nicer clothes now.'

Andy, we're big dorks, too. We have so much in common already! Call us!

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@Clare: 1. Cut a hole in a box. 2. Put your junk in that box! 3. Make her open the box.

...God. Damn. Me, too. And he has the type of hair that you really just want to play with incessantly. Even if you were at a fancy smanchy restaurant, you'd still be playing with it. My hands wouldn't be able to help themselves.