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Dear Maureen Dowd, Please. Just. Stop.

Illustration for article titled Dear Maureen Dowd, Please. Just. Stop.

Dear Maureen Dowd:
Today you penned a column that touched on several trends we at Jezebel have covered extensively. There was the study of speed-daters that basically said men don't have Asian fetishes, they just seek women who are smart but don't act as if they are smarter than them. There was the story about how women, perhaps in response to such men, try to hide their fancy purses and other evidence of how much money they make. There was the another story about this issue in the workplace, or something, Megan read it. Oh yes! And there was a Sex & The City reference.


Now, speaking as someone who is forced to sit on my couch and read blogs all day, I can only wonder why a powerful New York Times columnist like yourself would have any desire to sit around and read blogs all day,especially when the "it is hard to be a woman who is both smart and pretty" genre is one to which you have already devoted an entire book. I can only think that by belaboring and repurposing it to this extent you are merely making yourself — and all of us — less smart.


Which may be, according to your analysis, helpful on the mate-finding front, although this lady doesn't seem to think of it, and quite frankly, all this circular reasoning and re-reasoning about brains and sex and gender roles and are men necessary in the White House, is fucking boring and it's making me want to go outside. But I can't. So Moe — if I may? — maybe that could be your job.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@Pleasure: Well, if you're going to throw THAT out there, the rest of us who are just languishing for lack of the talent you now apparently exude would appreciate some tips slightly more concrete than "buck up! Get better at flirting! Pull up those bootstraps!"

So, suggestions?

(I'm not going to throw that much more wood on the "Is Dowd Necessary" fire. I've been described as a bit more of a strategist/pragmatist, so I do wish she'd stop whining in public. She's inflating dudes' heads, which only makes it worse. But then again, why am I surprised? History has pretty much borne out how much of a damn the First Wave gives about us in the Second and Third. I thought only boys did that Alpha Wolf bullshit.)