Dear Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles: We understand; it's not easy to be the editor of a fashion magazine. It's not easy to have to pose for pictures next to otherwordly vessels of ubersymmetry like Helena or hang out with Angie and the kids. And it's not any magazine editor who's willing to not only chase down Hearst president Cathleen Black's car on the street to land a job, brag about how you did all that and ran a marathon and put out a fire the day before to the Independent later on. (P.S., who gets a fire in her fridge?) So yeah, we didn't take you for a shrinking violet slacker. But really, that little anecdote about you haranguing the principal of your kids' school with questions about security and crap? Yeah, maybe you're taking this drama queen thing a bit too far? [Independent]


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