Dear Magazines: Please Stop Prostituting Your Interns

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Interns have had a reputation as office mattresses for quite a while now, and the recent spate of intern-whoring at magazines is only making matters worse. First Teen Vogue creates an entire brand around a couple of marginally-intelligent and barely legal blondes, and then last week, Blackbook realized the viral marketing success of Aussie editorial intern and subway object of affection Camille Hayton and decided to sell out their adorable marketing intern by offering a dream date with her. Now, Canadian mag Flare is looking for a fashion intern. The catch is that to apply, applicants must send in a video pitch, which will be voted on by's readers.


According to Coutorture, "Videos are going to be scored based on weighted averages, 75% by the judges, and 25% by the general public." Before viral marketing and cross platform synergy, being an intern just meant unpaid humiliation at the hands of generally embittered and often irrational publishing types. Apparently now being an intern means humiliating yourself on the internet and/or television to further a brand that might not ever pay you a regular salary. Oh wait, being an intern is also about being super cute and camera-ready (Hello,
Fashionista Diaries). I forgot about that part. The future is bleak, my friends.


Fashion Internships In A 2.0 World [Coutorture]

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Is this the same as that time Gawker had a contest to win a date (to Krystal or something) with The Assimilated Negro? And then they wrote some posts about how the date went & even interviewed the girl?.... Or is it just that I want to bring that up to remind everybody that even Gawker isn't above that kind of whoring.