Do you care if a guy opens the door for you? If he pulls your chair out at dinner? Well a British dating site,, surveyed 1,000 British men, and whether you like it or not they enjoy being chivalrous. According to the Times of London, 56% of British dudes "enjoy" paying for dinner on a date, and 34% of men will "frequently defend a woman's honour." There's also an accompanying video to the Times article, where a dowdy middle aged British lady, relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam, says things like "even though women want to be equal and we don't want to be patronized," those little chivalrous gestures are what "makes life more worth living!" Woa there, lady. I'm not going to lie, like many of you, I am a "cursory purse grabber" who likes a dude to pay on the first date. But I wouldn't say that's what makes life worth living.

Also, defending a woman's honor frequently? Like the Times of London writer Arion McNicoll jokes, "Frequently? Are we talking fisticuffs or pistols at dawn? I am embarrassed to confess that I fall into the lily-livered 66 per cent, who would rather shuffle off quietly than take matters outside when my lady's virtue is at issue." In college I had a boyfriend try to start a shoving match at the campus bar with a hockey player who was hitting on me in a really gross manner. Part of me was secretly titillated that he was willing to get the crap beat out of him by a Neanderthal on my behalf. The other part of me just wanted to get the fuck out of there and avoid a messy, possibly-violent conflict. So basically I thought he was being an asshole but I loved him for it. Sigh.

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