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Dear Jezebel Readers: Who Are You People, Anyway?

Illustration for article titled Dear Jezebel Readers: Who Are You People, Anyway?

It's our first-ever survey-slash-prize post! The advertising overlords at Gawker Media are imploring us to ask you, dear readers, to take a quick demographic survey so we can, like, figure out who the fuck you are. (As curious as we are? We'll share the results of the survey later this week). Anyway, we've got just five quick questions for you, and it's the usual stuff: Your age, gender, education, income, social security number (kidding!). Just click here, add your email address at the end (no spam, promise!) and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Sephora. [Um, $100? That's enough to buy like, two lipsticks, right? -Ed.] As always, standard contest rules apply.


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Pshaw. I'm 42 and I love being older. For one thing, I can pshaw at sweet young things like you! FWIW, married, two kids, live in the suburbs, drive a minivan. Sounds boring, but my marriage is great, I have a book contract and another book in the pipeline, respected in my field, and my two kids are smart and sarcastic. Couldn't ask for more.