Does anyone around here speak Japanese!? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon went to Japan, presumably to promote her album E=MC², and she threw out the first pitch at a baseball game (that made it about 18 inches before it hit the ground), shopped with a TV host, and then had a Q&A sesh with fans. It's all in the clip above, and it's so very awesome, because these TV hosts are narrating the whole thing in Japanese, and even though we don't really know what they're saying, the international language of mockery is understood by all. (The entire segment can be viewed here.) It's clear that during most of her shopping trip with one of the hosts, Mariah doesn't really have a clue what he is saying, so she just responds by giggling, saying stuff like, "Pretty" and talking about her favorite colors. We'd kill to know what the TV host asks Nick Cannon, because he looks confused and answers, "We're married. We're supposed to." Clip above.
Mariah Carey in Tokyo, Japan [YouTube]

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