Dear Jane: I Feel Like God Brought Us Together...(Because He Hates You)

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One of the reasons I so enjoy desperate, whiny, "come baaaaaaack to me we're meant to beeeeeee" type emails is because of the remarkable degree of entitlement it requires to be able to actually hold down the mouse and press "send" on them, and this guy has a black belt in entitlement. Roger was a personal trainer who made Jane pay for everything even as he worried she was getting "heavy." Roger told Jane he wasn't sexually-attracted to her even as he loudly wrestled with enormous guilt for having sex with her at all because he was Christian like that. Which was why Jane was so surprised when one New Year's Eve, after they'd been dating about a year, a phone call interrupted a snuggling session and it turned out to be Roger's, um, other girlfriend. Well, ONE of the others. "I'm just using them for sex!" protested Roger, the would-be celibate. Six months of hand-wringing endured, until Jane's friends finally coaxed her into moving a thousand miles away just to get away from the relationship. Here......Roger's final plea for Jane's forgiveness.

Dear Jane

I'm writing you because I need to tell you how I feel. I'm not expecting you to don't feel that you have to. I just can't stop thinking about you. About us....about all the things we've experienced...about my life with you and my life without you...about how much I did'nt give to you and show you when we we're together....If I could go back some how..some way...I would do so much more and give so much of my heart.....

I want us to be one again....I know what lies before me. I know you have given your heart to someone else. But I also know what I believe...what my heart tells me. It was no coincidence that you knew you would be with me after seeing me the very first time we met..... It was no coincidence that every time people saw us...they just smiled. It was no coincidence that when you JUST happened to be 10 miles from one of my closest friends in Jr. High...that we bought the same exact ard for each other, that you bonded so well with my Mother and father. And that you were able to understand my passion for singing for the Lord when others did not.

Jane, I know where things are right now...I know you have no desire to be with me. I know about the negative history...but the positive history I believe means more. I have come so far in my ways of thinking and my ways of life. When a person is addicted to a drug and messes up 50 times...and finally beats it....and he never touches it again, forever...he is a changed man...a person who does not think clearly, suddenly sees the world completely differently...he's a changed man....there IS a second chapter to a person's life or way he live and see's things..... I believe we have a future that you may think should never happen...but none the can be very true and very possible. I simply just see it. I do not care about the past...that man does NOT exist anymore....after serious reflection and thorough soul searching...I know where I belong....with you...our own family, our own children, our own future...I believe it was God's plan that you moved so that He could finally get me to SEE what he has for me..To believe and to know what he wanted me to do....this IS why I write and why I put my heart out and open to . Jane please understand what I am saying here. New start for us..A true and real new start. I would do what ever needs to be done..I would not stop until I have EARNED you trust and then... I would go even harder after that.

I feel like God really did put us together...things were just too real..too good...and yet I was not obedient and things went bad. Jane I KNOW in my heart that we are meant to be.

I also know how things can be in the beginning of a relationship....but I need you...I need you look deep inside your heart....and FEEL what I am trying to say.....I need you to give me one month...give us one month...then you have the REST of you life to go on with out me and I'll never bother you again.......the other person has to understand if you tell him you have to close the book on this...and if it works for us...then we live forever...if it does not...then that person should be there...and if they are not...then they were not worth it......because although you THOUGHT you needed to CONTACT me from your vacation when we first dated so that I "would not forget you" did not have to do that....I had no intentions of forgetting about you when we first neither should this other party...

Jane I ALWAYS felt the same way you loved me from the start and you always loved me from that point on...regardless of what you recently told me.... I need you to remember them...this is the rest of our lives!! Please come back....I know that I may be "pushing you away" by coming on this way, but I hope that I do not. I just need for you to let me SHOW and PROVE to you what I am talking about...Jane you'll never know this until you try it and see it....I love you more now than ever before...that IS why I know God brought us together........OUR bond from this day on will be even stronger than you ever thought it would be.......

Well I could keep going..but I just want you to please consider what I have said...I would love to see you soon...before its too late...I'm sorry if what I am saying bothers you...but it just feels to just say nothing...just think about this please..

I love you


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Another rule, please:

5) Don't bring up the fact that your sister just had a baby and the miracle of life and the wonderment of it all gave you an epiphany that you wanted to have that too and to settle down and have a family (so please take me back even though I dumped you the day after your birthday).