Dear Interns: When We Think Of You We'll Think Of Barf, Always

Illustration for article titled Dear Interns: When We Think Of You Well Think Of Barf, Always

Now that fashion week is finally, finally over, we must thank our interns, who toiled tirelessly, stuffing limited-edition Jezebel barf bags full of Ex-Lax and tongue depressors, incurred the wrath of Jonathan Van Meter's sister and generally made the Jezebel virtual HQ at the Algonquin Hotel a place of giggles. Thank you (left to right) Diane Kagoyire, Margaret "Mags" Crow, and Henrietta Nellman, as well as Maria Suarez and Stephanie Hodges (not pictured). A round of applause, please: They made it out alive!


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Big round of applause!!!!! Interns rock! Slave labor is greeeaat! Hope you all had fun during fashion week, and will be kind to your future plebes.