Dear Huffington Post media critic Rachel Sklar: Thanks! We love you too! Dear Folio writer Dylan Stableford: What? No mention of Redbook's Photoshop chop of Faith Hill in your Year In Magazines feature? (Fuck InTouch.) Dude, we made the Today Show! What about the black hair controversy that had Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive organizing an entire event as reparation? Nothing on that? Maybe you need to start reading the ladymags more; or, at the very least, Jezebel. [Huffington Post, Folio]

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Seriously awesome awesomeness for you guys.

I have to admit, when jezebel first started up, I was all "yet another girly blog, so totally trying to be feminine gawker" eye-rolling and heavy sighs and such as. But then I was coming here more and more often, and now I can't imagine a day without you. It's come to the point where my friends are now "oh, here goes goldenthorn again with her jezebel gushing/ranting/lecturing" eye-rolling and heavy sighs.