Dear David: Everyone Knows You Can't Work with More Than One Rapper!

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  • Sean Combs wants to work on a fashion line with David Beckham. But he can't. Because Becks is already working on a sneaker line with Snoop Dogg! [Fashionista]
  • Diddy also harasses mom-and-pop cufflink site "Cuff Daddy" for name infringement. Busy man! [TMZ]
  • Memories of fashion icon YSL. [NY Times]
  • Console yourself by reading about Christian Lacroix who, as a creepy drunk at a bar recently put it, " is not half-stepping either." [WWD]
  • CFDA Awards! Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein takes top honors.[WWD]
  • In a radical departure from its usual policy of democratic inclusiveness, Chanel excises B-listers from store opening pics. [TMZ]
  • Jaime Pressly's fashion line (?!), J'aime, shafts wholesaler, is sued. [TMZ]
  • "Graffiti Legend Shepard Fairey" launches morally problematic, hipster jewelry line. [Fashionista]
  • Nicole Miller is apparently Cyndi Lauper's "Personal Couturier." [W Magazine]
  • Carrie Bradshaw shills for Brazil, nets $600,000. [Fashionista]
  • Well, thank God: Tory Burch is launching a perfume. [NY Mag]
  • Zac Posen channels "retro country club!" [WWD]
  • In an especially rad symbiosis, Steven Alan signs on to design a line for Urban Outfitters. [NY Mag]
  • Pantene hangs a huge Rapunzel braid from a third-story window to publicize anti-breakage shampoo. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • And in obligatory possibly-balding Naomi Campbell news: she may or may not get pregnant. Some day. [NY Mag]
  • Also, pays tribute to YSL, self. [Vogue UK]

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I've actually ordered cufflinks off of Cuff Daddy—-I got little tiny ipods for my husband for Christmas. I somehow feel better knowing that I not only supported a family business but I supported one that Puff Daddy hates.