Dear Britney, We're Worried About Your Liver

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  • Britney should be worried about her liver, and not just because of her coke snorting and purple drank-ing — because of her Taco Bell-laden diet. A recent study showed that mice on a high fat diet were much more susceptible to liver injury. [Science Daily]
  • The World Toilet Summit is currently getting "down to business" in New Delhi, but they're not talking bidets: They're working on getting third world denizens clean water and hygienic potties. [AP via MSNBC]
  • Note to germ fearing gym-goers — a new vaccine against super Staph Infections is looking promising. Don't fear the elliptical! [Science Daily]
  • Always remember to be nice to Fido because he might save your life. Toby the golden retriever and Winnie the American shorthair were named dog and cat of the year by the ASPCA for saving their masters from peril. [MSNBC]
  • Whoa, a new reason to take Tylenol PM. Apparently an over-the-counter sleep aid, Zolpidem, helped a British woman come out of a 6-year coma. [Daily Mail]
  • Attention Tinsley and other mass-produced pizza lovers! Five million frozen pizzas from the Totino's and Jeno's brands have been recalled due to possible E. coli contamination. [CBS News]
  • Senators Joe Biden and Richard Lugar have introduced the International Violence Against Women Act. The bill seeks to organize policies that will help end violence against women, send over $170 million each year to support new programs, and a system for dealing with victims of anti-female crime.
    [Feminist Daily News]
  • A new study shows that a healthy diet and lifestyle may increase fertility in women with ovulatory disorders. Scientists never let us eat anything fun! [Science Daily]

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You know it takes years for liver damage to occur, and she will figure it out by then or have overdosed on drugs.

That sleeping pill is miraculous, but also makes me think that we have no idea how some medications effect our brains.