Deaf NFL Player Surprises Girls Who Wrote Him Adorable Note

Derrick Coleman — fullback for the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL's first legally deaf offensive player— gave two of his biggest fans the surprise of their life.

You probably remember Coleman from this happy cry story, when twin nine-year-old sisters Riley and Erin Kovalcik (who called him their "inspiration," as they both wear hearing aids) sent him an adorable letter and he tweeted this:


But Coleman decided to go one step further. He surprised the girls during an appearance on Good Morning America AND gave them tickets to the Super Bowl. But stop reading my rambling description and just watch the damn video already because OMG IT IS JUST THE BEST. And here, I left you some tissue for that "thing" you're going to get in your eye after you watch it. It's OK. We all watched it and got a thing in our eye, too.

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My 11 year old son is THE BIGGEST football fan in the world. The ENTIRE world. He knows every stat for every team, every player. Everything. He became eligible to play tackle football last year and I made up every excuse in the book as to why he couldn't play. Much to his disappointment, he went back for that one, final season of flag football. The truth was, I was scared. Typical mom scared...he IS small for his age (even if he is built like a defensive tackle) however, I was MORE afraid that he would put on that helmet and realize that he couldn't play because he is hearing impaired...that he wouldn't be able to hear the play being called, or the guy rushing up on his left side, where he is completely devoid of hearing. I was terrified, that at ate 10, his dream of playing in the NFL would be crushed. I couldn't stand the thought. This fall I gave in...

My son went on to become the starting offensive and defensive tackle for his middle school football team. His team had a perfect season. The first one since the 1960's. He played his heart out and in the end, his coaches called him a "pit bull" out on the field and praised him for his willingness to do whatever they asked him to do, to play wherever they needed him and to do it well and without question.

When I asked him if he knew that Coleman was going to the Superbowl, he shrugged and said, "Um, yeah...he's on the Seahawks." When I asked him if he knew that Coleman was legally deaf, he froze for a moment. His eyes got big and he sort of whispered one word, "Really?". I held back a happy tear as I told him "Yes, really." He got very quiet and a slow smile spread across his face. He looked up at me and nodded his head and said, "Cool." and walked away.

A minute later, I hear a thumping noise in the basement. My son had thrown on his shoulder pads and helmet and was hard at work attacking a tackle dummy in the basement.

My son didn't have to say anything, but learning that someone else was able to make it to the NFL with the same (or very similar) "disability" as him (my son doesn't have a hearing aide, it won't help) was beyond inspirational to him. To HIM, it meant EVERYTHING. He now has a small Seahawks poster in his room; next to his Cleveland Browns pennants and posters.

Thank you, Derrick Coleman from a future NFL tackle and his grateful mom.