Dead Celebrity Scents: The Latest In Star Worship

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Perfume made from the DNA of dead celebrities? Yes. It's kind of sad, in a way.

You would think we had reached some kind of critical mass of being fascinated with the famous. But it's all-consuming: pictures and interviews aren't enough. We want their jeans, their bags, their cute shoes. Celebrity-branded fragrances — from Liz Taylor's White Diamonds to Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely and Britney's Curious — bring in millions. Maybe it was just a matter of time before Antiquity fragrances hit the market.


The Antiquity scents are made from DNA tests performed on hair clippings provided by "renowned celebrity hair collector" John Reznikoff. Each fragrance comes in a sculpted aluminum bottle. Einstein's is called IQ and comes in a flask shaped like a light bulb; Entrance is made from Joan Crawford's genetic code and comes in a bottle shaped like a vaginal entrance. Or is that a shoe stretcher? You can also buy Marilyn, based on Marilyn Monroe; Monarch (Kate Hepburn), and Blue Suede (Elvis). But remember: These scents do not smell like a dead celebrities. They smell like perfumes… made from the DNA of a dead celebrity.

Of course these notable figures have a magnetic pull, whether for their charisma, talent or sex appeal. But honestly: Does anyone really believe that a little stardust will rub off and make a non-famous person more exciting? Or does buying into this stuff reek of desperation?


Okay, okay. I'll admit it: I'd be interested in Eau de Josephine Baker.

Perfume's Heaven Scent: New 'Antiquity' Fragrances Based On DNA Of Dead Celebs [NY Daily News]
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But, if the process uses hair clippings, then it wouldn't just be restricted to dead celebrities.

L'Eau de Speidi?

Neal Patrick Harris Por Homme? #dnaperfume