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DC Comics has announced the ending to its "experimental" line of graphic novels, MINX, which catered exclusively to teenage girls. The series bega in 2007 and included titles ranging from The Plain Janes and Janes In Love, which followed around an art-obsessed group of cool misfits, to Water Baby, a graphic novel about a punky surfer babe who had her leg bit off by a shark. Most of the titles were under $10, a steal in the pricey Western graphic novel market but on par with the prices of girl-focused mangas like Paradise Kiss. Sad news for female comics fans and lovers of innovative graphic novels. [GalleyCat]


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Adora Belle Dearheart

OMG you said Paradise Kiss!

Best manga series ever. I remember reading it back in high school and I wanted to marry the flamboyant, bi-sexual, blue haired, Japaneses guy (George!) I'm actually positive that it was a step in me becoming more open-minded than I probably would have ended up.