Day of the Dead: The Dead, Dying and Resurrected

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So, Moe's off to some event tonight and left me in charge of your evening purge and, unfortunately for all involved I've had way too much damn caffeine and drama today for one relatively small person, so I'm anxious and jittery and just a little more ADD than usual but it's all okay because once I finish typing this I can start drinking and scientists aren't too long away from being able to tell me which wines will likely give me headaches, which already makes me very, very happy, but not so much that I want to eat a frozen pizza, even though I do, because the fact that they're recalling 5 million of them is probably bad even though no one has died (yet, that we know of) and I don't even think they're made in China!


Speaking of China, they're resurrecting the space race and all interested in the moon and shit now, as are India and, for some reason, Japan, but it's all peaceful, everyone says, unlike that time we dropped the bomb on Japan and, hey! The guy who dropped it just died, but he didn't want a headstone because he doesn't want people protesting on his grave which, don't people have better things to do than protest on some old guy's grave? Especially now that a fossil is being resurrected and getting back on the air? Speaking of resurrections, I gave a little "squee!" that there's going to be an X-Files sequel next summer, even though the last season sucked I still remember once making a date in college take me immediately home from our dinner date so we could watch the all-new episode and then wondered why he didn't want to go out again.

But, it'll only be a temporary resurrection for the Democrat's Children's Health Insurance bill, because neither the House or the Senate passed it with a veto-proof majority and is everyone really just posturing these days instead of trying to do anything because I thought that's what happened in an election year and that's not until 2008, right? In other election news, the South Carolina Democratic Party, which either has no sense of humor or takes itself far too seriously, killed Colbert's ballot application because he's not a serious candidate- which, how does Gravel or even Kucinich qualify as a "serious" candidate these days anyway?

The Dow is sliding toward potential oblivion despite the Fed rate cuts because everyone is starting to believe our economy is fucked and nobody is buying anything, least of all the 11,000 people at Chrysler that are set to lose their jobs, but Chrysler is going to start making 2 hyrbrids and Exxon profits failed to meet expectations so maybe our environment isn't going to hell as fast as we were thinking? That, at least would be some good news today.



Oh noes! Totino's is on my short list of things to eat when I'm drunk! Boooooo!