David Carradine's Death "Accidental"; Lindsay Lohan Is Pawning Jewelry

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  • David Carradine's death is now being described as "accidental." He was found naked, hanging by a rope in a closet of his hotel room in Thailand, where he was shooting the movie Stretch. [Daily Mail]
  • Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been pawning her jewelry to pay her bills. [Pop Crunch]
  • In other recession-ish news: After filling eight shopping carts worth of household items (tallying about $7000) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond Paris Hilton's credit card was declined. She paid for half and went back the next day to pick up the rest. [Pop Crunch]
  • A picture has surfaced of Jon Gosselin vacationing in Park City, Utah with 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel. (You can't even see her face in it.) Jon's Utah visit was filmed for an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, focusing on how he helps handicapped kids. Kate was at home in Pennsylvania with the kids at the time. [Us]
  • More bad photography: TMZ has dug up a blurry picture of Richelle Olson, the 39-year-old woman who is suing Sasha Baron Cohen over an alleged violent attack while the star was filming Bruno at a bingo parlor. Olson says she suffered "brain bleeds" and has been forced to use a wheelchair and walker since the alleged incident. [TMZ]
  • Whitney Houston will release her first album in seven years. The as of yet untitled album will come out on September 1. [AP]
  • Her ex, Bobby Brown, has some good news, too—someone actually hired him to perform! Oh, and also, during the performance, he announced that his girlfriend/manager/Whitney's ex-BFF Alicia Etheridge gave birth to their baby boy, Cassius, four days ago. [TMZ]
  • George Bluth Sr. is expecting a couple of bundles himself. Jeffrey Tambor, 64, and his wife Kasia Ostlun, 41, are expecting twins. We hope they don't leave claw marks on her uterus á la Buster. [Star]
  • Is Marilyn Manson dating porno's "Best New Starlet" Stoya? If you believe that MySpace friend order is any indication, then yes. [ONTD]
  • Susan Boyle will be reunited with her cat Pebbles for daily visits while she's staying in the clinic The Priory. The Mirror suggests that "her anxiety at being apart from the cat for long periods of time is believed to have contributed to her breakdown." [Mirror]
  • Denise Richards has had three "boob jobs." Good to know? [Us]
  • Janice Thibodeaux, the woman accused of attacking Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour, has pled guilty to battery. She received 36 months probation, has to complete 20 days of labor. [TMZ]
  • According to "sources" American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has an attitude problem. "He is such a diva. Rude to everyone—from fans right down to the lighting folks." Proof that makeup doesn't make you beautiful on the inside. [MSNBC]
  • Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, and James Van Der Beek were "monstrous" and "made life miserable for any writer or producer" on Dawson's Creek, according to Tom Kapinos, who worked on the series before moving on to create Showtime's Californication. [E!]
  • A lawsuit will halt the release of the Jack Black video game "Brutal Legend." [AP]
  • More lawsuits: Mel Gibson's pregnant girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, is suing her former manager for selling "racy lingerie photos" and some songs she recorded in 2005. [TMZ, TSG]
  • Katy Perry is "not impressed" with Gossip singer Beth Ditto's comments that she is "offensive to gay culture" for making faux lesbiansim trendy with her song "I Kissed a Girl." Perry said that Ditto's "insult" was "tacky." Maybe they'll kiss and make up? [Daily Express]
  • James Franco has canceled giving the keynote speech at UCLA's graduation ceremony, due to scheduling conflicts with an upcoming film, and not because of a Facebook group that many students have launched in protest, because Franco—who only graduated from UCLA last year—was only an "average student" who used to sleep in class. [TMZ]
  • Elle MacPherson, Stephen Fry, and Sienna Miller are among the celebrities boycotting Nobu because the Japanese fusion restaurant is still serving bluefin tuna, an endangered species. Alicia Silverstone has joined the boycott as well, even though, judging by the menu, there are only about two dishes the vegan star could eat there. [Telegraph]
  • Melissa Joan Hart blogged about her mom's brain surgery. All went well, and her mom is recovering. [People]
  • Chris Pine will follow up his starring role in Star Trek by playing opposite Denzel Washington in the Tony Scott-directed Unstoppable, about a runaway train. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Natasha Henstridge is getting married in various places at some point. [People]
  • Are you totally psyched for New Moon? Peter Facinelli certainly is. [E!]
  • It looks like Dets. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler will be back for an 11th season of Law & Order: SVU. [TV Guide]
  • A&E's drama The Beast, starring Patrick Swayze, has been canceled due to low ratings. [Variety]
  • "[Danielle Staub] walk up to me at a Reality Cares party and said, ‘Countess, we have to talk.' And I looked at her and said, ‘About what? What could we possibly have to talk about?' But maybe she wanted my advice. In retrospect, I think maybe she really needed to talk to me. Maybe she was going to ask me who my lawyer is." - Countess LuAnn de Lesseps on the Real Housewives of New Jersey star with a troubled past. [People]



is it not illegal to kill endangered species? shouldn't they be forced to take it off the menu?