David Beckham's Quarantine Hobby Is Bees

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The latest buzz? David Beckham is apparently really into beekeeping lately. According to a source who spoke to The Sun, what started as a “fun hobby early in lockdown” has turned into a full-blown obsession.


Beckham seems to have spent the past few months building a hive at his home in the English countryside, and getting himself and his family set up with all of the proper beekeeping gear. Naturally, Beckham has already found a way to monetize his newfound passion, and has reportedly been in talks to launch his own line of organic honey.

Would it surprise you if I said that “celebrity beekeeper” isn’t a title only Beckham can claim? It surprised me, but it makes a certain amount of sense that Beckham would be in good company: Celebrities generally have the resources to take up whatever whimsical hobby they like. This is a long way of saying that tonight I learned that A-listers like Ed Sheeran, Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson have also taken up beekeeping in recent years—Johansson received her bees as a wedding present from Samuel L. Jackson.

Stars...they love bees!

Fleetwood Mac loves that TikTok video of a man listening to “Dreams” while riding his skateboard and swigging cran-raspberry juice as much as the rest of us.

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