Judy Blume's very first big screen movie is coming, and everyone is very, very excited.

The film adaptation of the coming-of-age tale Tiger Eyes is co-written by Blume and her son, Lawrence Blume, who is also directing. β€œFor years and years people would tell me they wanted to do something but they never know what they wanted to do,” Judy told Entertainment Weekly last year. β€œI wanted someone to feel passionately about it.”

β€œI’m embarrassed to say it, but every time I see the movie I cry my eyes out,” said Judy Blume of the movie.

Starring Arrow’s Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper β€” you in there, girl??) as Davey Wexler, a 15-year-old whose mom moves their family from New Jersey to New Mexico after her husband/Davey's father's murder, and Tatanka Means as Wolf, a young man she meets in the canyon and is bitchy to at first but then they become bff β€” and maybe something a little more. After all, Davey did masturbate to thoughts of Wolf in the original draft β€” that's right, it got positively Forever in Tiger Eyes. However, Blume cut the scene because she didn't want to deal with everyone banning her. Again.


Speaking of dirty Blume β€” who else used to borrow Blume books from the library and then skim through to read the sexy bits first? Nobody? Just me? Alright!

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