Dave Chappelle Dedicated a Four Hour Stand Up Show to Prince

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Dave Chappelle has been doing a run at The Chapel in San Francisco. At a 2 am show on Friday Morning, he turned on the purple lights and talked about what everyone was thinking.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Chapelle told his sold out audience, “This is black 9/11... I almost thought about not coming tonight, but my band was like, ‘Yo, Prince would definitely not condone that.”

The band played a medley of Prince’s music as Dave Chapelle reminisced, interspersed with vocals from San Francisco singer Martin Luther McCoy. The comedian eventually took out a tambourine emblazoned with Prince’s unpronounceable symbol.

Chappelle will always be associated with Prince, because of his Charlie Murphy “True Hollywood Story” sketch about the musician’s incredible skills on the court and at the griddle. It was so popular, Prince even used an image of Chappelle for a cover on his single “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Dave Chappelle said he was contacted by media outlets all day, after news of Prince’s passing came out, “I kept wondering all day, ‘Why are they calling me?... I’ll tell you what: I didn’t know him well, but I knew him well...It’s so much better that we grieve together.”


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I love how Prince was downplaying his basketball skills while trash talking Charlie haha.