Daughter's Hilarious Note Teaches Her Dad a Lesson About Getting Old

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Twitter user simonhac recently posted this note his daughter had written, which reads, "Would you like it if just because you were getting old you got poped." Here's the backstory via Boing Boing,

Today I armed my kids with unrolled paperclips and asked them to pop the two-week-old helium balloons that have been kicking around our house at ground level since my daughter's birthday. I was not aware that my 8 year old daughter had given the balloons personalities and was really not happy with my plans for them. She was so upset she couldn't talk, but marched into the room and gave me this note. Bad Dad!

Cute! And thought-provoking too. After all, we might get old, wrinkly, and be hovering at ground-level, but who among us wants to get popped?

[Via Boing Boing]

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When I was in high school, my friend and I stayed at her place for a week while her mom was out of town. When my mom got wind of the fact that we would be alone, she made me call her every night when we got home to make sure we were safe. It was something that I understand now was a perfectly reasonable thing to do, but 17 year-old me thought it was the most patronizing thing ever and I was a complete and total shit to her all week. I would call her and nastily say "I'm alive!" and then hang up the phone. So my dad came halfway during the week to deliver some clothing to me, and gave me a really lovely, sympathetic and heartfelt note from my mom which said that it wasn't that she didn't trust me, but she didn't trust other people and just wanted to make sure I was okay so she didn't have to worry. And I took that note, dramatically tore it into little tiny pieces, stuffed it back in the envelope and gave it to my dad, saying with an evil look in my eye, "Give this back to her." To his credit, he threw it away.

God, I was an asshole when I was a teenager.