Dating A Coworker: Awesome... Until It's Not

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Ever dated a coworker? According to the Toronto Star, in a survey of 3,000 people, 32% of women and 33% of men admitted to sleeping with someone they work with. And even the ones who don't act on their feelings think about it: 61% of chicks said they've had a crush on a co-worker, and 57% of dudes. Of course, "experts" love to tell you what a bad idea it is to hookup with someone in the cube next door. A BusinessWeek article on the "ethics of office romance" reminds you that when you break up, you have to see the person all the damn time, which could affect your job. Plus: Power struggles, sexual harassment, etc. And no sleeping with the boss or your assistant. What a fun-suck!

Anyway, CNN reports that of 6,700 people who dated a coworker, 29% ended up marrying a desk-diddler. It happens! And consider Paula and Jim Sheftel of Sherman Oaks: She owns a frozen yogurt shop, and one day in 1987 a guy came in and ordered a blueberry smoothie. He became her husband — and co-owner of the shop — and they've been at it 20 years.

Of course, not all stories end happily, and often, getting with a coworker means lying and sneaking around. I know because I did it. I worked with this guy and we ended up "dating." We flirted until the tension got too much to bear, then went for after-work "drinks" and sealed the deal. Trying to keep the secret was part of the appeal; we shagged in the server closet, went on vacations together and hung out constantly, all the while denying anything was going on. When we fought, which was often, work was a hell like no other. And hearing him tell people who asked that yeah, he was single, could often send me into a nauseated rage. But it was fun while it lasted! Am I the only one?


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Dated a co-worker once and when I broke it off he freaked. It didn't help that he later had to report to me - didn't help at all.

On another note, I'd like to date my neighbor. That's not bad, right?