Data Suggests That Online Dating Is Utterly Inescapable

As we become slowly mentally melded with our computers, it stands to reason that our dating lives would as well. And just in time for Valentine's Day candy to populate the shelves of your local drug store, here's a great big graphic explaining how it's becoming more and more inescapable, and profitable.

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While some of this chart is as confusing as love itself, what's truly mind boggling is how ubiquitous digital courtship has become in the last several years. Digital daters don't waste time, either; according to the data compiled by the Sexual Recovery Institute, the average couple that meets in "meatspace" (ugh) dates for 42 months before they wed, compared to only 18 months for the online daters. No word on what percentage of couples who meet online tell their parents that they met through "a friend of a friend."

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