As we've established, "making love" is not an acceptable term for sex. And yet, all we wanna do right now is make love (to you?) Last night, we braved a torrential downpour to watch Daryl Hall & John Oates ravish the city of Brotherly Love (Philly duh) and infect us all with a virulent strain of bad decisionitis. Daryl Hall has Lyme disease, which is apparently really good for a man's vocal cords, because "She's Gone" sounded about as great "Heart of Glass" did not the other day on the Today Show. We don't know how this guy can get away with lyrics like "I want to play that game tonight, one on one so slow" (or "time out is what I'm here for") but it's probably the same reason R. Kelly can get away with relieving himself all over an eighth grader: some dudes just have magical powers. After the jump, our tribute to the best band that is not the Replacements, and a call for your input: what embarrassing things put you in the lovemakin' mood?
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