Daryl and Joan, sitting in a tree....

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"High up in a walnut tree, down in South-Central Los Angeles, the actress Daryl Hannah sat on Wednesday, as she had for most of the past 17 days."


When an article in the NYT opens like that, you know you're in for a delight.

The long and short of it is that a whole bunch of D-list celebs want to save a farm from closing down, so that they can get their pictures in the papers preserve the environment for the youth of tomorrow. You see, they do care. And luckily we have Daryl - "who has played an android, a mermaid and a 50-foot woman in the movies", lest you forget - to explain why she wants to sit in a tree and care about a farm.

"Ms. Hannah said the cause has drawn so much star power because more is at stake than the fate of what organizers call "the largest urban farm in the country." The farm, she said, has come to symbolize a lost way of life, a joining of community against the urban tide.

"It represents possibility on so many different levels," she said, descending the tree to terra firma, where Joan Baez has strummed the guitar, Danny Glover has walked among the crops and Ed Begley Jr., Martin Sheen and others have taken their turns before the cameras.

"It's great for community," Ms. Hannah added, the howl and clanging of nearby trains breaking the idyllic air. "And one thing responsible for the breakdown of society is a lack of community."


Dude. That's deep. Respect to the Daryl.

Anyway, this explains why you haven't seen Daryl on the big screen lately. It's not that she's washed up, she's just sitting in a tree with Joan Baez, saving the damn world. Which when you think about it, is probably a blessing for the entertainment industry.

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