Darren Sharper, Accused Serial Rapist, to Take Plea Deals in 4 States

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On Monday, Darren Sharper, alleged serial rapist and fallen NFL star, is expected to take a plea deal settling a myriad of rape and drugging charges involving women in California, Nevada, Louisiana and Arizona. The hearings are slated to take place in Los Angeles, the city where he's been in jail since last year.

For his charges in Nevada, according to the Associated Press, Sharper's deal included him pleading guilty to "one felony charge of attempted sexual assault, with the expectation that he'll face between 38 months and eight years in prison." Initially, he'd been charged with two counts of felony assault, which comes with a possible 10 years to life. The Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said this to the AP last week:

"We are pleased that Mr. Sharper is accepting responsibility for the crimes he committed in Nevada," Wolfson said.

Wolfson said the Nevada prison term would run concurrent with other sentences in other jurisdictions.

"I'm not sure where he's going to serve his time," Wolfson said, "But he's going to serve significant time."


However, it's unclear how his additional pleas will change outside of Nevada. On Monday, he will enter a plea in Los Angeles, where he's charged with seven felony counts, as well as Arizona, which he is slated to enter his plea via video conference. His hearings in Nevada and Louisiana are scheduled for this week and next month, respectively.

Last year, Sharper was formally charged with drugging and sexually assaulting women in four different states, California, Arizona, Louisiana and Nevada. The women and one man mostly share the same story; they'd met Sharper at a bar, he said he had to pick up something at his hotel room, where he'd drug them with "horny juice," a mixture of Ambien and other drugs. They'd black out and come to, sometimes in various states of undress, sometimes catching Sharper in the middle of sexually assaulting their friends or themselves.

Sharper's been behind bars in Los Angeles for his charges in that city since February 2014. This case has many states and charges to push through till the story's over, but hopefully Sharper's victims will get justice in the end.


On Monday afternoon, Sharper pled no-contest—the legal equivalent of guilty, according to the Reuters—to drugging and raping women in Arizona and California. He is expected to pled similarly in his Nevada and Louisiana cases later this week. The plea deals he's taken will likely garner him nearly nine years in prison, after subtracting his parole eligibility and the year he's already spent in a California jail following his February 2014 arrest.


Formal sentencing for the California charges was set for July 15 and prosecutors will allow Sharper to serve his numerous prison terms concurrently. For his Arizona charges, Sharper was given three to nine years behind bars without the option of early release.

On Tuesday, Sharper is slated to appear via video conference before a court in Las Vegas, where he's to plead guilty to attempted sexually assault of two women. Nevada prosecutors say his plea deal there will garner three to eight years behind bars.


In Sharper's Louisiana case, he's reached a plea deal there as well but the prosecutor Christopher Bowman was unable to share the details.

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You know... I don't see the appeal in drugging someone in order to have sex with them. Doesn't that just kind of prove your 'game' is shit and that your ability to 'perform' is extremely lacking in that you have to make sure that the person you're 'doing' can't refuse, push you off, or be aware of what you're doing?

This guy and Cosby could have easily landed any number of consensual partners, yet they could only get their jollies off through drugging and raping? Wouldn't an actual "sexual victory" be with a perfectly aware and consenting partner, preferably if they're satisfied after the fact and are willing to sing your praises about how well you did later?

Or are they all just stupid enough to think that rendering someone completely helpless and then doing whatever counts as a 'victory'?

Oh, wait, it's the same mentality of the SAE and other likeminded rape-frats, so... yeah, I guess they are that stupid.