Dark Matter, Light Reading!

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  • "'Please leave me alone. ... This is a very hard time for me,'" he said as he threw his arms up and wept. WSJ]
  • Dark Matter, a Meryl Streep movie about an Asian campus shooter delayed following the Virginia Tech killings, is finally set to be released. [WSJ]
  • We have 11-year-old sex offenders in this country now. [MyFoxDFW]
  • And Kimora Lee Simmons Barbies. [NY Mag]
  • What happens when a pharmaceutical sales rep copies and pastes the Match.com profile of a Harper's writer? A somewhat awkward date! [WSJ]
  • Too. Fucking. Sad. [LA Times]
  • Oh my GOD and if you think that is bad you won't BELIEVE what's happening to this critical American industry. [NYT]
  • Hillary and John McCain had a vodka drinking contest with Hillary when the two were in Estonia a few years back but Barry Hussein asked for his shot glasses to be filled with water. Islamofascist! [NY Times]
  • US Weekly made an awesome slide show of celebrity couples of yore, including that woman Patrick Dempsey married that one time and Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear. [Us]
  • "In a rare display of political hypocrisy, a longtime Republican lawmaker has resigned today after child pornography was found on his computer." [Wonkette]
  • Whither Texas? Uh... [Slate]
  • Barack Obama has a lot of money and John McCain doesn't so John McCain is trying to get Obama to agree to some pinko income distribution scheme that he purportedly agreed to a long time ago. Socialism's a bitch, Barry! [NYT]
  • "And no I'm not a regular reader of 'Jezebel.' I got this link from Defamer. I swear." [The Weekly Standard]

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@littlebluebug: Because he was gay. His 14 year old classmate brought a gun to school and killed him because he was out. Also, the child who was shot lived in a foster home for abused, abandoned and neglected children. Moe said it right, because there are no other words right now: this is too. fucking. sad.