The Dark Knight New York premiere was not bad, sartorially-speaking. And you'd think after breaking all those box-office records over the weekend, the residents of Gotham City would be riding high. Are they? Well, some: Maggie Gyllenhaal continues her run of really good red carpet outfits and Kelly Osbourne looks quite sophisticated. But plenty of the guests at London's Leicester Square Odeon last night seemed at pains to tarnish black's reputation for easy elegance. See if they succeeded, after the jump.

The Good:

I like to think Maggie Gyllenhaal would be rocking this Studio54 radness even were jumpsuits not all the crack this season. Dig it.

Actress Sarah Dunn apparently didn't get the dress code memo, but I'm loving the maxi.


Doesn't Kelly Osbourne look cute and grown-up? Yes, her breasts are somewhat visible. But progress, people!

The Bad:


Singer Liz McLaren's grotesquely girlish babydoll has an unfortunate Courtney Love-meets-Fo21 vibe.

In New York there is a chain of cosmetics stores called Ricky's that at Halloween also sells many "sexy" costumes. Tamara Beckwith's number puts me in mind of such a sexy stewardess getup.


You know what's weird about actress Roxanna McKee's silver number? That the high neck somehow makes it less tasteful.


In the case of actress Freema Agyeman, I really just didn't like the dress much.

Arbitrary Third Category For People Who Are Annoying Me:


I guess Peaches Geldof's dress is kinda cute. But she looks so pouty and rich-It-girlish that I decided to stick her down here anyway.

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