Daria Takes Aim At Jane Magazine

It sucks big time that Daria isn't available on DVD (only the two made-for-TV movies are). Apparently, it has something to do with music licensing problems. But there are some bootleg torrents available online, and we recently watched some episodes from the third season. One that totally escaped us at the time (we don't know how) is the episode based on Jane magazine, fictionalized as Val. Editor-in-chief Val visits Lawndale and goes undercover as a student to follow Daria around for the day for an expose she was working on about "cool, smart" teens. Jane Pratt must've rubbed some people at MTV the wrong way at some point because the thinly veiled portrayal-with constant references to Val's friend Drew-is kinda vicious. Clip above.

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The funniest thing of all: Like you other ladies, I always identified with Daria on the female level -

but then I discovered the big secret.

Daria is a man! Seriously!

I went to college with the son of the guy who made Daria, and he WAS Daria, down to every detail. EVERY detail. Tone of voice, sense of humour, glasses, the works. The whole show, I think, was based on the creator's son. First I felt betrayed by my cartoon heroine, then realized that I had actually met her, but just in the male flesh. Weird, huh?