There exists a specific combination of words I never, ever thought I would ever hear coming from my lips: I really like this Train video.

I just looked around to make sure I am not living in some bizarre, otherworldly alternate dimension, and it turns out I'm still here on in the same old place. Nothing's changed except Train, 2014's version of Bread, has put out a really good video for a song called "Angel in Blue Jeans." Yes, that's the kind of shitty title you'd expect from a Train song, but what's not to be believed is the accompaning video, which features Danny Trejo lip syncing to the song. Pat Monahan, the band's lead singer, plays a sheriff who has "done wrong" Trejo's character and stolen his girlfriend. It's pretty standard wild west stuff, but watching Trejo achingly lip sync along to the words is quite the treat. Yes, that is Hannah Simone from New Girl in the role of Trejo's love interest.