Danish Parliament Overwhelmingly Approves Equal Marriage Laws

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In news of good things happening throughout the world, Denmark's parliament, which consists of the sole house of Folketing, approved new gender-neutral marriage legislation this Thursday by an 85 to 24 vote margin. Pink News reported that the legislation was passed after an opposition amendment creating a separate marriage system for gay couples was soundly defeated. The new laws, which take effect on June 15, allow the Evangelical Lutheran Church — to which 80 percent of Danes belong — to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples, though the laws also do not oblige individual priests to perform any sort of marriage rites, thus neutralizing any objections that the government has infringed on citizens' religious freedoms.


This all sounds like a sensible way to move the same-sex marriage debate along in this country, but it's hardly reasonable for Americans to expect their legislators to handle anything so sensibly — Denmark has demonstrated a super progressive attitude towards same-sex unions ever since 1989, when it became the first country in the world to institute a system of registered civil unions. As a bonus, the latest legislation will grant "marriage status" to any couple already joined in a civil union.

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Iceland has already legalized gay marriage in 2010, the short version of gay marital and family rights:

1996 - common law marriage for gays approved

2001 - gay adoption of spouses children approved

2006 - gay adoption and fertilization approved

2010 - marriage is a contract between 2 people regardless of sex and common law marriage laws revoked as not needed

Also our prime minister was one of the first to get married under the new law, she is also the first openly gay prime minister in the world.

That's just how we role here in the land of fire and ice!