Daniel Radcliffe Channels His Inner Devil in Horns

You may not recognize Daniel Radcliffe in his new movie Horns. That may be because the actor has considerably matured since his days playing Harry Potter. That also may be because he spends a lot of time in the film's trailer with giant horns growing out of his head.

In the movie, based on the book of the same name by Joe Hill, Radcliffe is accused of his girlfriend's murder. Then he mysteriously begins to grow a pair of horns and from there he goes Full Badass Demon Man. Let director Alexandre Aja via Entertainment Weekly explain this tragicomic-horridy to you:

Director Alexandre Aja, the filmmaker behind The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3D, has called Horns "a true fable about first love and revenge and everything we are and sometimes things we don't want to admit that we are." But it's not all serious: At the same event, Hill dubbed the movie a "tragicomic-horridy." Tragicomic-horridies: the new romantic comedies.


I will just be over here waiting for everyone's " Harry Potter horny" puns and jokes.

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I know nothing about this movie, but I'm thinking that it would be pretty difficult to prove one's innocence in court when you've got friggin' horns growing out of your forehead. He'd have to file them down like Hellboy and go around with a bandage on his head like a head trauma victim.

His lawyer would be all, "Your Honor, my client is not guilty of these charges. Please ignore the horns growing out of his forehead."