The Hindustan Times reports that drinking is on the rise amongst India's single women. Addiction centers report dramatic jumps in the number of women seeking treatment, and AA opened its first women's group in Pune last year. As more and more women move to urban centers to pursue independent careers, they're falling prey to demons that were previously more the purview of Indian men. "The loneliness of living as a paying guest in a new city got to me." says one 19-year-old. "People seem to hang out with you only when you are drinking, and I started shaping my social life entirely around alcohol." The number of ever-younger girls falling prey to alcoholism, however - some as young as 15 - and the rise in rural alcohism numbers, hint at a potentially larger problem. Awesome, however, that there's no culture of shame surrounding recovery? I don't know many 19-year-olds who'd voluntarily dry out... [Hindustan Times]