Dance Off: Stephen Colbert Vs. Rain

Stephen Colbert has been fighting a one-sided war the past few weeks with Korean pop star Rain for the top spot on the Time 100, which determines the world's most influential person. Readers could vote online, and in the end, Colbert was beat out by Rain, who finished second. (First place went to video-game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.) Colbert said the only way to settle the beef was to challenge Rain to a dance-off. And Rain accepted. Clip above.

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@blogarsay: OMG, What the HELL was that? That is so random, I love it!

On another note, I'm sad they only run the Daily Show here in the UK. I miss me some Colbert! I guess they think there maybe isn't a market for it here, or folks wouldn't get it.

I think they should show whoever is in charge of buying and selling the show abroad the clip of the Rain and Stephen dance off - how can anyone not think THAT is funny?