Did you know that Dance Moms was back on the air? Again? For a third season? After the show and Lifetime both experienced major fallout from an episode in which prepubescent girls were made to don nude suits for a burlesque number (the episode was removed from iTunes and will never see the light of day again due to numerous complaints), choreographer Abby Lee Miller pulled back a little. She changed her direction from attention-seeking scandal to, well, something that didn't make much sense: An interpretive dance about Helen Keller.


The young dancer Maddie was told that she had to remain in character as a blind, deaf, mute girl. But the girls never talk when they dance. And they have to hear their music. And they have to be able to see when doing arials over props. Still, everyone seemed to be in agreement over how moving the number was. (It looked exactly like every other dance on the show.) Somehow, Abby refrained from referring to herself as a "miracle worker."