Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Explains Why She's Such a Monster

This morning, the entire cast of Dance Moms were on not one, not two, but three different segments of The View. The children performed a routine and their moms had a chance to defend their choice to subject their kids to the tyranny of instructor Abby Lee Miller ("It's Stockholm Syndrome"). But first, Abby sat down with the co-hosts all by herself to discuss her credentials: she started her company when she was 14-years-old, the dance supervisor of Wicked was her student, and she currently has a kid in Book of Mormon. She also explained why she thinks it's perfectly fine to tell children that their parents don't love them.



Meh. I like Abby Lee. There are some things that are a teensy bit inappropriate, but I just chalk it up to being a crazy artiste type. My dance teacher was just as bad, and it did suck a lot of the time, but she was brilliant in her own way. Sometimes you have to put up with weird crap to work with the best. And frankly, if the parent and kid have a good enough relationship, telling them that their parents don't love them shouldn't scar them for life.

Frankly, on the show it's the moms that rub me the wrong way. I interpret a lot of Abby's most outrageous behaviour as reacting to their demands and general snootery. As a teacher, I would find it infuriating for random parents to be constantly questioning my teaching and professionalism.

Obviously the concerns about her not being a dancer and therefore not teaching proper technique are real and valid, but I thought she had another dancer that helped her with that, who you just don't see on the show. I think that you can be a good choreographer and teacher without being a dancer.

Also, I am digging her outfit here.