Dan Rather Takes Morning Joe Hosts To Women-In-The-Newsroom School

This morning on Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski said viewers wouldn't accept a woman anchor, Joe Scarborough stammered about double standards, and Dan Rather schooled them both.

Mika Brzezinski seems kind of clueless as she claims that women "get brought to the front of the line many times when they're far too young for it or they're not ready for it." This is relevant to 63-year-old Diane Sawyer how? She goes on to say that a woman in the anchor chair is "still a hard thing for the viewer to accept, I don't know if the viewer would admit that." Rather helpfully explains that this vague Viewer of whom she speaks is likely to be older, and perhaps share the prejudices of a different era. But his best moment comes when Joe Scarborough haltingly speculates that "this culture of America ... tougher on women than men, it seems to me." Rather responds, "It seems to you that way because it is that way." There's hope for the older generation yet!

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She drives me crazy on a daily basis. Exactly how did she get this job? I don't want to be a hater but she hangs on every word out of Joe's mouth and rarely adds anything insightful to the conversation. She's less useful than Willie Geist and I think that's hard to be.