Damn, Meryl Streep Is Great At Turning Off the Lights

While watching It’s Complicated for the 10th or 11th time, I noticed something after that scene where Alec Baldwin can’t make it to a romantic dinner with his ex-wife because he’s busy trying to impregnate Lake Bell while she’s ovulating: Meryl Streep is damn good at turning off the lights.

As seen in the video above, Meryl Streep is so damn good at turning off the lights that at least two movies this century have included scenes showcasing her talent. Just watch as she moves gracefully from room to room in It’s Complicated and The Hours flipping switches and turning knobs. Ms. Streep never loses an ounce of her own electricity, even as she watches it drain from various coils illuminating the homes of her characters.

In my favorite moment, she takes a few seconds to regard a hallway before sending it back into darkness.


Not since Apollo has someone shown such masterful control over light.

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I used to work at a Malibu eatery that featured drawings by celebrity/artists on the wall, that conspicuously featured a heart, the proceeds from the sales of which went to benefit the American Heart Association.

One night Ms. Streep had been dining in the restaurant, and as she went to exit, she stopped in front of a picture that was from “The Bridges of Madison County.” (I believe it was drawn by Clint Eastwood, though I am not sure.) In it, was the picture of a covered bridge, to which the opening was heart-shaped.

As she looked at the picture, I could almost hear her memories of that film wash over her. Just as she was about to walk away, I approached and joined her in looking at the picture.

Then, I said, “Nice picture for a fine film…”

She held for a beat, her eyes never leaving the picture, then said, “It wasn’t bad…”, and walked away.

Even with a throwaway line like that, she swung three words feel like a wrecking ball.