Damn, Get a Load of This Horse

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Frederik the Friesian stallion has had an online presence for years, though thanks to the vagaries of virality, he didn’t enjoy the incredible popularity he deserved until just a couple of days ago. His rise to fame has been as sudden as it is inexplicable—what changed? Did the internet finally run out of content? Honestly, who cares. What matters is that we have him now. He is the Jessica Chastain of horses.

“When I die I want to be cremated, put in a pretty little vile necklace and hang around the neck of a beautiful horse like Frederick for a few days, so I can say I rode with the wind,” wrote one Facebook fan, giving voice to what we’ve all been thinking.


Thank you, Frederik, for being born. Thank you, internet, for finally coughing up something useful.

Image via Facebook.



With those gleaming muscles and all that hair, he’s more like the Fabio of horses.