Dames Down Under Don't Like Underage Glamour Girls

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In this country, we're inundated with ads featuring very young women in sexualized poses, but in Australia, they're actually doing something about it. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the country's Federal Minister for Communications, Helen Coonan, has ordered an inquiry into the sexual exploitation of children in advertising and the media. The leader of the political party known as the Australian Democrats, Lyn Allison, said that the sexualized images are damaging to young people.

"We're pushing children into being sexual beings much younger than they are ready," she said. "I find it sickening to see a 12-year-old girl with a pouty look on her face advertising sexy clothing. We're talking about children at the age of nine worrying whether they look sexy or not, and bras being targeted at four- to six-year-olds."


Claire Quirk, a 15-year-old model (pictured) was dropped from ads promoting Melbourne Fashion Week after the city council decided she was too young. What do you think they'd do if they found out about Bethany Conheeny or Sasha Bennington?

Push To Outlaw Sexy Child Ads [Sydney Morning Herald]

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Being as that I saw a little girl roughly 10 years old today wearing short shorts and dancing around the pole on the subway today, while her mother(?) stood there and did nothing, I say kudos to the aussies.

I'd kill to be 9 again and playing "house" instead of actually living it...