Dame Helen Mirren (née Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov), says that women themselves are responsible for size 0 models and teens with eating disorders. "I blame my own sex vehemently on this," she says. "It is women who run the magazines and women who editorialize and women who make the decisions. I think it is completely iniquitous to have incredibly skinny girls on the runway. A lot of the girls are horrifically thin and of course they have a problem. Mostly the fashion industry chooses to turn a blind eye." After we looked up "iniquitous," (adj,vicious) we agreed with her. But, pray tell, Dame Helen, what shall be done about it? Maybe you should start a magazine! [Back In Skinny Jeans]

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@collegecallgirl: If you take your question further, than the question is does it benefit men or women that women thrive towards an unhealthy ideal? It benefits men.

Perhaps most men would prefer the voluptuous Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss. But, taken to an extreme, a woman who reaches the ideal is less of a threat in the business world. In the most extreme case, she is under nourished, fatigued (partly because of extra time on grooming and working out without adequate caloric intake), and in pain from uncomfortable shoes. And if she is stopping the progression of age, well then she must be too young to have that power.

Women might be the editors, but who are the publishers? Outside of Oprah, are there women who actually own these magazines?