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A strip club owner would like to let the women of the world know that Super Bowl Sunday will require strippers. Lots and lots of strippers.

TMZ spoke with Showtime Cabaret manager John Walsh, who says his club will need 100-120 extra ladies to satisfy demand this Sunday. But that's a mere drop in the bucket for the whole city of Dallas, which he claims will require 10,000 extra strippers to satisfy the demands of football/T&A fans. TMZ does the math and notes that this would be a 30:1 tourist-to-stripper ratio for game day, which is better than, say, the student-teacher ratio at my high school. Will demand for stripping really skyrocket in Dallas Sunday, or is Walsh just trying to generate publicity for his club by saying really big numbers? Unclear — but where the combination of pole-dancing and sporting events is concerned, I kind of prefer this.



Image via TMZ