DailyCandy's Darkness Visible

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Surprising, but it's been a while since DailyCandy editors have mentioned cupcakes, pink cocktails or any other chronic symptom of the girly scourge that was Sex And The City. Have they finally moved on to bigger and better things? Not really, but if the offerings on display today are any indication, someone on staff is sorta into the black arts!


DailyCandy Everywhere thinks we're S&M queens with money to burn. So hell, why not invest in black croc spats?

DailyCandy Atlanta seems more invested in mocking the speech patterns and colloquialisms of our native South than promoting some stupid owl pendant [Hey. I like owls. -Ed.] that was popular with women, like, oh, a year ago?


DailyCandy Boston thinks we're sinners. Because we eat.

DailyCandy Chicago thinks we're stupid enough to pay good money to have our coffee grounds "read" (yes, just like tea leaves) by some sort of psychic quack tasseographist. Over the phone.

DailyCandy Los Angeles gets pleasure (or financial kickbacks!) from the pain of our bad hair days.

DailyCandy Seattle has the hypochondriacs among us convinced that we're going to die a slow, painful, bacterial infection-instigated death from working at our computer.

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That last link reminds me of this webcomic.

Which reminds me that I haven't tried that on anyone yet. Dammit.