Today brings forth an extra-special edition of DailyCandy Everywhere โ€” all about fabulous Father's Day gifts! (And we use "fabulous" in that suitably euphemistic way that really means gay.) So if Pops already has the poster from Rufus Wainwright's "Judy Garland" concert at Carnegie Hall, they have some other ideas...

They say: "He's sure to reciprocate in an adorable gingham shirt and a perfect hoodie."
We say: Straight men don't wear gingham and snug hoodies. Why? Because they don't know what gingham is.


They say: "It's your job to keep him in style, and a Psycho Bunny, Sovereign Beck, NOLA Couture, or corduroy tie will surely do the trick."
We say: Corduroy tie? How... Anderson Cooper at age 12!

They say: "So he's not entirely tactful, and he likes his thrills cheap. But you love the guy. He'll be in hog heaven with MarieBelle's pinup girl chocolate bars..."
We say: Straight men want good old-fashioned porn they can watch, not retro sex-symbols in the form of chocolate molds.

They say: "...send him to the beach in Billabong's wet suit/MP3 player to hang loose, dude."
We say: A zipperless piece of body-hugging "silk touch" jersey? Uh, it probably isn't the waves he's cruising.


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