DailyCandy Says No To Lexapro, Yes To Lather

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We were beginning to worry about the editors of DailyCandy. There were mentions of bacterial infections. Black Croc spats. Had they abandoned their Cosmopolitan-swilling ways, we wondered? But today's editions of the cloying, consumption-promoting newsletter illustrate that the girls may have their mojo back: There's shampoo laced with antidepressants! Chaufferred shopping trips! Psychics! Oh, and skinny jeans! (Ugh, aren't skinny jeans over? If not, could someone please make that happe already?). Today's Cavity, after the jump.

DailyCandy Everywhere thinks antidepressants should go in our shampoo, not our bloodstream.

DailyCandy Chicago suggests that Windy City women beat the heat by piling into a chauffered SUV with their girlfriends, booze, and a personal shopper for a full day of boutiquing.


DailyCandy Los Angeles tells us we're wrong if we think that someone who reads constellations in the universe is a quack and incapable of solving all our major life problems. That's what antidepressants are for!

DailyCandy Miami wants to see our asses clad in a muumuu.

DailyCandy Philadelphia: Repeat after us: No. More. Skinny. Jeans.

Does DailyCandy San Francisco have a Jew fetish? (And do they think all Jews love food?)

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I'll get in a chaufferred limo and go shopping with my friends ifthey pay for it!