It's exhausting worrying about our friends over at DailyCandy. When we're not freaking out about whether they're secretly talking trash about us behind our backs or trying to lure our dads out of the closet... well, we actually do worry about their own emotional well-being, seeing that they're locked up in some office somewhere surrounded by cupcakes and peonies and Sex And The City DVDs. And based on today's tips, we're not entirely convinced that everything is working that well at DailyCandy HQ. Why we suspect DailyCandy might have pulled a Paris (before she got sprung, that is), after the jump.

DailyCandy Atlanta has forgotten that it spends most of its time telling us to starve ourselves pretty and suggests we spend our weekend gorging ourselves on fried Twinkies.

DailyCandy Chicago seems to have forgotten that the whole point of DailyCandy is that it's supposed to refer us to something. Saying "Don't get a sunburn" with no external link = not doing their job.

DailyCandy Dallas thinks we should see Space Jam this weekend. You remember Space Jam, don't you? That cartoon/live action movie starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons????


DailyCandy Los Angeles thinks we care about bars that serve things other than booze. And more specifically, about bars where we can pick garden plants.

DailyCandy Philadelphia seems to think it makes sense that we'd fork over $10 to lead ourselves on a self-guided tour.


DailyCandy San Francisco thinks that design-your-own-salad spots are still a new thing. Yawn.