Daily Show: Sarah Palin's So Dumb She Thinks The Alphabet Has 22 Letters

Ever since John McCain stepped off the podium following his concession speech, various campaign workers have been coming out of the woodwork to hate on Sarah Palin. We've heard the stories by now: Sarah doesn't know Africa is a continent, she couldn't name the countries in North America, she uses the blood of unborn polar bears as an anti-aging serum. Ok, maybe not that last one, but she is getting a drubbing, and Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac adds to the "Sarah Palin is so dumb" chorus with yo mama style rhetoric. "She's so dumb, she thinks the capital of China is Chinatown!" Wyatt says. Clip above. Earlier: As The Obama Transition Begins, So Does The Kiss And Tell On Palin


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You know what ladies? We all hated her stance on a lot of issues, and were embarrassed by her staunch ignorance. However, to throw this woman and mother under the bus like this is sad. She ran with what she was offered, and yes, she made a lot of mistakes, but she is a human, and she is a woman, and I'm starting to feel a bit icky about slamming her like this.

John McCain, however, is open season.