The British tabloid we love to hate has taken a story about rising suicide rates among single women and turned it into a treatise against cohabitation. The Government's Office for National Statistics in England released a report showing that women who are not married kill themselves at three times the rate of women who are hitched, a major increase since 1980. The Daily Mail then states, "The major difference in the lives of women since the early 1980s is the spread of unmarried cohabitation and the decline in marriage," and quotes an "expert" named Patricia Morgan, author of a study called "Marriage Lite," who says, "Cohabitation is a route to conflict, disappointment and unhappiness." Hey Daily Mail, correlation between the rise of cohabitation and single ladies offing themselves does not equal causation, OK? Leave it to the DM to turn an unbiased study into a way to shame those living in sin.

But that's not the only singleton news out of England this morning. A report has shown that abortions are more likely among the young and unwed. The Office for National Statistics says that while seven percent of pregnancies among married women are terminated, 35% of pregnancies among single women end in abortion. Additionally, "Women under the age of 20 were most likely to end their pregnancy, with 41.9 per cent ending in termination in 2006," according to the Telegraph. Not that any of this is really shocking news, but if the Daily Mail were writing this article, they'd probably be shaming all those slutty unwed mamas for having premarital sex.


A third story from the Telegraph manages to entwine both the abortion and the suicide statistics. Emma Beck, an artist with a history of depression and anxiety, killed herself after aborting twins. Beck had recently broken up with her boyfriend, "Ben," because he had "reacted badly" to the pregnancy, according to the Telegraph. There was no counselor on duty after Emma terminated her pregnancy, according to her mother, Sylvia, who requested an inquest into the hospital. The doctor who performed the abortion said, "She had a long history of anxiety and depression. Despite my best efforts, she was not willing to see a counselor after the termination." Considering her mental state, Emma was probably not in the ideal position to become a mother — which has nothing really to do with the fact that she was unmarried.

Oh, and by the way: it's Leap Day, traditionally known as the one day out of the year women are supposed to propose to men. So get crackin' on those proposals, so you don't end up offing yourself! Happy February 29th, y'all!

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