Daily (Hate) Mail

Fergie (the Dutchess, not the Pea) has lashed out against the Daily Mail for its deplorable comments on the size of her daughter, Beatrice's, derriere. Mail writer Amanda Platell "judged that Beatrice spent 'too much time on her generous bottom'. Whatever her genes, 'a young woman must take responsibility for her own thighs.' Platell knew what it was like 'as a teenager one day to have the lean body of a boy, the next to wake up ... with a pair of bulging saddle bags.'" The DM's shamelessness is not news, but the Guardian has an amusing assessment of the Mail's signature bitchery: "The tone - of censoriousness mixed with contrived sympathy - is quintessentially Mail. The paper is like a hyper-critical, over-protective parent." No wonder so many children are in therapy! [Guardian]


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