Remember Chloe Marshall? The Miss Surrey who is the first size 16 to ever compete in the Miss England Pageant? Well the Daily Mail does its best to try to make Chloe feel bad about her size. Here are some of the choice cuts from Jenny Johnston's gleefully undermining interview with her: "Chloe Marshall and her wobbly bits - of which there are a few...I try hard, shame on me, to get her to admit to some deep-seated loathing about her body - but she simply won't do it...[Later] It transpires that she knows exactly what it feels like to stand in Topshop with your skinny-minny mates, and want to cry." Despite this, Chloe keeps her head held high. "Most people have been lovely, saying, 'You go, girl', but some people have been sniping about how it isn't a good thing that I'm in this competition," she tells Johnston. "That makes me very cross. The whole thing about me being here is that I want to show other teenagers, younger than me, that it's OK to be a bit curvy, because you can still be beautiful." [Daily Mail]